Annotating in Zoom


Zoom is a web-based platform used for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars. Through Zoom, presenters can share their screen—including PDFs, Word documents, and images—and can both independently and collectively annotate files via the Zoom meeting interface. 

Annotating PDFs in Zoom 

Step 1: Open PDF to Annotate 

  1. Ensure that the PDF you would like to annotate is already open on your computer before your Zoom session. 
  2. Within your Zoom session, click Share Screen in the lower toolbar. 
  3. Click on the PDF you would like to annotate from the popup box.
  4. Click Share
  5. Your selected PDF will now be open and shared with other meeting participants. 

Step 2: Annotating 

  1. Click Annotate from the main toolbar, which likely moved to the top of your screen after you began sharing your screen. 
  2. A toolbar will open with several annotation options. Draw is perhaps the most useful option, as it allows you to highlight text or images and circle objects. 
  3. If you would like to clear annotations, select the Clear icon from the annotation toolbar. This will give you the option to clear all annotations, only your annotations, or just the annotations of other participants. 
  4. You can stop annotating at any time by simply clicking the red X in the top left corner of the annotation toolbar.
  5. You can continue annotating by selecting Annotate again. 
  6.  Save the file with annotations by clicking on the Save option in the annotation toolbar.

Strategies for Using Annotations in Zoom 

  • Zoom annotate features can be used to demonstrate skills for your class or to collectively practice activities, such as close reading, case analysis, or analyzing images. 
  • If you would like to share your annotations with students after the Zoom meeting, use the Save option in the annotation toolbar to keep the file along with any annotations you have made.  
  • Consider allowing students to annotate a file that you share so that they can practice the skill you are teaching.