Setting Up Zoom for Open Office/Conversation Hours


Zoom is a great tool for virtual open office/conversation hours, but to keep individual meetings with students private, it is important to properly configure your global Waiting Room settings. 

Setting Up Waiting Rooms for Virtual Office/Conversation Hours

  1. Use your favorite browser to login at

  2. Click the Settings option on the left hand toolbar.

  3. On the right hand column, find Security/Waiting Rooms (it is usually the very top option).

  4. Make sure Waiting Rooms is turned on (switch should be blue)

  5. Under the heading Waiting Room Options make sure it says Everyone will go in waiting room.

    If it does, you are all set.

  6. If it does not, click Edit Options. In the new window that opens, under the heading Who Should Go in the Waiting Room? select the radio button next to Everyone

Understanding Waiting Room Options

Everyone All users who join your meeting will be placed in a waiting room until you allow them in to the main meeting.
Users not in your account Users without a email address will be placed in Waiting Room*.
Users who are not in your account and not part of allowed domains (This option is rarely used) Users without a email address, whom you have not previously corresponded with via Zoom and who are not on the listed allowed domains will be placed in a waiting room.
* Note: Zoom considers users who do not have email address, but whom you have previously corresponded with via Zoom, to be a "User in your account" and therefore will also bypass the waiting room.


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