How to add inbox delegates and provide permission to your mailbox or mail folder

Setting up delegates is a great way to allow someone to manage your email, calendar or tasks for you or on your behalf if there's ever a need. The steps below will walk you through quickly configuring a delegate using

  1. Navigate to
  2. In the left window pane, right click on your name. A small box will populate on screen containing several quick selections, select Permissions from the list.

  3. To add a delegate click the plus sign in the top left corner of the new page.

    M mailbox Permissions

    Using the textbox, begin searching for the delegate. If the search does not auto-populate the delegate for you, click the Search contacts and directory dropdown box, this will search the Bowdoin global address list and provide you with options that match your search. Click Add when done.

  4. Now that that the user is a delegate for the account, permission levels will need to be set. You can set custom permissions using the radio buttons and check boxes provided or select from a list of predesigned permissions in the Permission level dropdown. Use the guide and screen shot below to assist in choosing the level of permissions being applied to the delegate.

  5. Now that the permission level has been assigned click OK. The delegate has now been granted permission to your inbox.


Permission Levels

  1. Owner - The delegate will have full permissions over your mailbox. These permissions are equal to the original email owner.
  2. Publishing Editor - The delegate can create, edit, delete and see full details of your inbox.
  3. Editor- The delegate can edit, delete and see full details of all contents of inbox. The editor can not create subfolders. 
  4. Publishing Author - The delegate can edit and delete only the contents of the folder that they have created, they can also create subfolders.
  5. Author - The delegate can edit and delete only the contents of the folder that they have created. An Author can not create subfolders.
  6. Non-editing Author - The delegate can create and delete folder contents and see details.
  7. Reviewer - The delegate can see the details of a folder and can no longer view subfolders.
  8. Contributor - The delegate can view folders but does not have read access to the folder.
  9. None - No permission to folder. 

Next Steps

The delegate will need to add the shared mailbox to their account before they can perform the duties assigned. To add a shared mailbox please refer to this knowledge base article.



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