How to install a network printer

Please note: not all printers used by faculty and staff are installed in this manner. Some printers are configured to use a different method. The printers in the Roux Center for the Environment are just some examples. Those printers would be installed exclusively through Software Center in Windows and Managed Software Center in MacOS.

Install a network printer in Windows

Install a network printer in MacOS

Install a network printer in Windows

1. Click the Windows start button in the lower left hand corner and search 'Devices and Printers' and hit enter.

2. Click on 'Add printer'

3. Click 'The printer that I want isn't listed.'


4. Click 'Select a shared printer by name'

5. Type in \\bradbury\PrinterName and press Enter. PrinterName is the name of your printer.

     Note: on some pcs you may need to use \\\PrinterName instead if step 5 is not working.


Install a network printer in MacOS using Managed Software Center

  1. Open Applications-->Utilities-->Managed Software Center
  2. Click on the Software heading.
  3. Click on the Printers category on the right
  4. Find the printer you want and click Install.
  5. Go to the Updates tab to and click Update All to install the printer (and any other pending updates).
  6. To verify that the printer installed correctly go to Apple Menu-->System Preferences-->Printers & Scanners and verify that the new printer is in the list.
Not all campus printers are in Managed Software Center. If your printer is not in the list, follow the instructions below.

If your printer is not listed or fails to install using Managed Software Center please use the following steps

  1. Open System Preferences
    1. Click on the Apple menu - System Preferences or locate System Preferences at Macintosh HD - Applications
  2. Open Printers and Scanners
  3. Click on the '+' to add a new printer.
  4. Click on IP from the list of icons across the window
  5. In the "Address" field enter
  6. Change the Protocol field to Line Printer Daemon - LPD
  7. In the "Queue" field, enter the name of the printer
    Note: All printers are named after a flower and the name is not located on the printer. You may need to ask a co-worker or call ext. 3030 for assistance with finding its name.
  8. In the "Name" field, enter a friendly name for the printer by replacing what is automatically entered there. This is often the queue name once more.
  9. You may enter a location for the printer in the "Location" field if you'd like, but this is not required.
  10. Click the drop-down list next to "Use" and choose Select Software...
  11. Locate the printer model that you are adding from the list that appears. You can look quickly through the list by starting to enter the make and model in the search box. This will save a lot of time scrolling!
  12. Once the printer model is located, select it and click OK
    Note: In some cases you may receive a window asking for the printer options. Some of the HP printers, specifically, might ask if there's a duplexer installed. Be sure to check the boxes that apply and click OK again.
  13. Click on the Add button.
  14. Once complete, close the windows and you are ready to print.


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