CAP 2021 - Windows Computer Replacement

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We are happy to provide you with a replacement Windows computer.  Now that you have your computer, you can begin the initial setup, data restore, and software installs by following the steps below.  Once completed, you will meet remotely with the Service Desk technician assigned to help you and they will install any remaining software, assist with issues and answer any questions.

This process is not difficult, but it will take time especially if you have a large amount of data in Druva that needs to be restored to the new computer.

Please do not delay this setup process.  Your old computer will be picked up within a week for staff members and two weeks for faculty members.

Step 1 - Confirm your old computer has completed a Druva InSync backup

On your old computer, launch Druva InSync from the Desktop, Start Menu or Notification Area.   You should see Backup Complete and a Last Successful Backup date.   If a more recent backup is needed, click Backup.

Step 2 - Log into computer while on campus 

You need to be on campus and connected to the network before logging into your new computer with your Bowdoin username/password.

If you can't connect with an ethernet cable, you can join wireless at the Windows login screen by clicking on the network icon in the lower right corner of the screen, selecting BOWDOIN and clicking Connect.

Step 3 - Restore your Druva inSync data

Once logged into to desktop on your new computer, you can then begin restoring your data from your old computer using Druva inSync.

The restore can be done from anywhere with an internet connection, but since internet speeds vary at home, we recommend doing the data restore on campus.


When the restore process begins on the new computer, your old computer will stop backing up.  Expect the data restore to take 2-24 hours depending on the amount of data.  The restore process will resume if you shut down and restart the computer.


We recommend not setting up any apps on the new computer until the data restore is complete.  If you continue to work on your old computer, remember to save any new or modified documents to OneDrive or Microwave.

To begin the Druva inSync restore see the direction in the Related Articles section or click here.

Step 4 - Install apps from Software Center for Windows

The following apps have been pre-installed: Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Teams, Druva inSync and Cisco AnyConnect VPN.

Additional software can be self-installed using Software Center for Windows.  For directions, see Related Articles or click here.

We provided you with a list of Bowdoin software installed on your previous computer.  Please only re-install software that you plan to use on a regular basis.


If a piece of Bowdoin software is not available in Software Center, it can be installed by the Service Desk technician during your scheduled appointment.

The Make Me Admin app may be used if administrator credentials are needed.  (See the Related Articles section).

Step 5 - Launch Apps and sign-in 

After the Druva inSync data restore has completed, reboot your computer and then launch and sign-in to these frequently used apps:

  • Outlook - For directions, see Related Articles or click here
  • OneDrive - For directions, see Related Articles or click here
  • Teams - For directions, see Related Articles or click here
  • Adobe Creative Cloud - For directions, see Related Articles or click here
  • Set Default Programs - For directions, see Related Articles or click here
  • Install printers - For directions, see Related Articles or click here

Step 6 -  Schedule an appointment with your Service Desk technician

Use the Bookings link provided in your CAP ticket to schedule an appointment with your Service Desk technician for the final computer setup and and to resolve any remaining issues.