How to stop certain email from going into the "Others" inbox


  • How can I stop certain emails from going into the "Others" inbox?
  • How can I stop some emails from getting categorized as "Others"


The "Others" portion of an inbox holds email that messages that have been determined by machine learning to not be important in your daily work activity. It is available in MacOS, Windows, Outlook Online and Outlook for iOS/Android.


The Focused Inbox learns as you train it. 

If there is an email in "Other" which you want to be in "Focused" or vice versa, follow the steps below based on your email client.

Outlook for MacOS and Windows

  • Double-click the message to open it.
  • From the menu bar on the message, choose Move to Focused for a one-time move OR click the small disclosure triangle next to Move to Focused and choose Always move to Focused

Outlook Online

  • Select the message you want to move
  • From the menu bar, choose Move to
  • Select Move to Focused Inbox or Always Move to Focused Inbox or vice versa for Others Inbox

Outlook for iOS / iPadOS

  • Open the email message that you want to move.
  • Tap or click the overflow icon (ellipses or three dots icon) on top-bar
  • Select Move to Focused Inbox or Move to Other

Outlook will now learn from that change. The next time you get email from that user/email address, it will be categorized appropriately. 


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