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Information about Bookings with me, Microsoft's personal appointment system.
The knowledge base article provides straightforward steps for viewing and editing existing scheduling polls in Microsoft Schedule Polling.
This guide is for users who have already created scheduling polls using Microsoft Schedule Polling and now wish remind their attendees to vote in order to schedule a meeting. It applies to both desktop and mobile versions of Microsoft Schedule Polling.
Information for clients on how to cancel an existing scheduling poll if it is no longer needed.
The knowledge base article provides a straightforward guide on creating a scheduling poll in Outlook Online using Microsoft Scheduling Poll.
You can export your contacts from Outlook on the web and then import them into other email apps such as Gmail or other versions of Outlook.
How to record your name with NameCoach and add it to your Outlook email signature
Change category colors to improve visual presentation with only a few clicks. Applies to Windows desktop, Mac desktop, and Office365 web versions of Outlook.
Information on how to turn the Focused Inbox feature of Outlook off or on.