How to scan to a network folder in PaperCut


  • How can I scan a document to a network folder?
  • Can I scan to a network folder with PaperCut like I used to be able to do?


Many people have a need or desire to scan documents as part of their job. With PaperCut, nearly all of the multi-function devices (MFDs) on campus can have the ability to scan to a network folder at the same locations in a department drive that was set up before PaperCut was installed.


The following steps will walk you through scanning to your Bowdoin email address from a PaperCut device.

  • Go to an MFD that has PaperCut installed.
  • Tap your Bowdoin ID or sign in to the PaperCut interface on the printer's touch panel.
  • Tap the Scan button

    Screenshot of the PaperCut interface showing the Print Release button, the Device functions button, and the Scan button from left to right.
  • On the "Scan" screen, you will see all of the choices available to you. To scan to a network folder, tap on the name of the folder (remember that you need to request the location be added). Network folders will have a folder icon.

    Image of the PaperCut Scan screen with a network folder highlighted.
  • On the "Scan to My Email" screen, you can change the file name and email message subject. You can also tap on Settings to change any of your scan settings if you wish. The default options are
    • PDF
    • Color
    • 1-sided
    • Letter
    • Portrait
    • 300 DPI
  • You can also have PaperCut prompt you for more pages by checking the box next to "Prompt for more pages".
  • When ready, tap the Start Scanning button.

    Image of the scan interface in PaperCut showing a filename and settings for the current scan.
  • The document will be processed. If you scanned to PDF (the default) it could take a few minutes to arrive in the Microwave folder as the PDF is converted to OCR.  If there is an error during the scan process, you will receive a message. If you continue to receive an error message, contact the Service Desk with that error and they can assist.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk

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