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Explanation of Service Offering

PaperCut offers a variety of scanning options to the campus community. Some of the new features include the ability to scan to OneDrive, scan to email, scan to a Teams folder, and scan to a SharePoint location.

The Scan to OneDrive and Scan to email have been set up for everyone by default but there are other options available.

PaperCut scanning also includes the feature of scanning to OCR automatically.

If you have additional scan locations you'd like to request, or are having an issue with scanning in PaperCut, select from the list of Service Offerings linked on this page and complete the form. The request will be sent to the Service Desk for evaluation and troubleshooting.


These service requests are related to PaperCut scanning only. Any desktop scanning issues should use a different request form. PaperCut printing issues or requests that are not directly related to scanning should be added from one of the PaperCut Printing service offerings.


There is no cost to request additional scan options or to report a scanning issue with PaperCut.

Service Promise

All requests received will be evaluated and responded to in 2-3 business days.

PaperCut Scan Help Add Scan Location

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Service ID: 52424
Tue 8/16/22 3:15 PM
Thu 1/19/23 9:38 AM
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Service Offerings (2)

Scanning Help
Request assistance with PaperCut Scanning
Request addition of PaperCut Scan Location
Request the addition of a PaperCut Scan Location such as a Teams folder or SharePoint location.