How to setup email in Outlook app on Mobile Devices (phone or tablet)

The Outlook app lets you manage your Bowdoin email, calendars, contacts and files and add other email accounts in one mobile app.  

To install the app on your mobile device, go to

If you already have the Outlook app configured, you will need to remove and re-add your account.

  • Open the Outlook App
  • Tap Login at the message We are having trouble accessing your accout....
  • Tap the trash can in the upper left corner of the Exchange configuration window.
  • Confirm deletion of your account by tapping Delete.

To configure the Outlook app:

  • Open the Outlook App
  • Touch Get Started
  • Enter your Bowdoin email address and touch Add Account
  • Enter your email address and password at the Bowdoin Organizational sign-in page and touch Sign In.
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