Digital Excellence Commitment (DExC) Technology FAQ

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The Digital Excellence Commitment is a program that provides a standard set of technologies to all students and provides training and other resources to faculty in order to incorporate the technology into their classes, if they choose to.

No. WVU purchased a basic version of the software that only tells us your username, the IP address used and what type of device you are using to authenticate. We see what time you authenticated and logged in, or if your attempt to authenticate failed. We don’t even know what system you’re logging into. We just know whether it worked.

We need to see the IP address that was used to be able to identify situations where someone was trying to gain fraudulent access to a student account. We can tell, for example, if a bad guy trying to log in was in Kentucky while the targeted student was in Morgantown.

We are obligated to protect students’ academic and financial information, and WVU has a privacy policy that was created specifically to respect individual privacy. It limits the collection, access, use, disclosure and storage of personal data. We put this policy in place to protect students’ information, as well as that of employees, the University and third parties with whom we do business. Duo supports that policy and helps protect that data. It does not infringe on privacy. We would never select a vendor or a product that would compromise the personal information of any student or employee.


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