Scanning from a Multi-Function Unit (MFU) to a shared network location or to email where available

Services (4)

Add folder to network scanner (MFU device)

Also known as "Reverse Print", some network printers have the ability to allow scanned documents be sent to a network folder location rather than simply making a photocopy. View this service for more information.

Configure MFU to Scan to Email

Most multi-function printers (MFUs) on campus are capable of scanning to an email address. This service request asks IT staff to configure a printer for this feature.

Configure MFU to Secure Scan to Box

Information Technology has enabled a secure Scan to Box feature on the multi-function Ricoh printer/scanners on campus. Student employees and staff need to use this function in order to scan to a SCAN folder in the department's BOX folder.

PaperCut Scanning

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