Office Telephones or IP Phones


Bowdoin College's primary telephone system is different than traditional, residential telephones. The phones are IP phones which means that they are Ethernet based and plug in to regular network wall ports rather than a traditional telephone jack. These phones connect to the network to get their data as well as their power. They are highly flexible and programmable. Multiple lines can be added to them and some models can be expanded to have up to 8 lines or more in certain situations. Each faculty and staff member are currently assigned a telephone extension when their Bowdoin accounts are created. This extension is assigned to a telephone and when plugged in, the telephone will power on and take a few minutes to boot up. If you have to change offices or move for some reason, simply take your phone with you and your extension will follow. The phone is assigned to you and your extension, not the location of the phone.

Available to

IP Phones are available for all faculty and staff and are assigned on a 1-to-1 basis. IP phones are also available in student dorms however each resident has a line assigned onto the single phone.


The following is just an example of what you can request assistance with:

  • Request a new IP Phone to be installed in a room
  • Request that an extension be added to a phone
  • Request an extension to be removed from a phone

If you want to let us know that you're having trouble with your phone or have something broken or damaged, please use the form located here:

Service Promise

If you have an issue with an IP Phone for any reason, use the link on the right labeled "Request Phone Assistance" to put in a request. We'll work to remedy the situation within 2 business days but usually much sooner than that.