Popular Services

Can't find what you're looking for? Click use this service to create a ticket.

Report a broken or damaged Laptop, iPad, Magic Keyboard, or Apple Pencil.

Request assistance with PaperCut or with general printing services.

Requests related to Bowdoin faculty, staff, and student person accounts.

Request orientation on Bowdoin's classroom AV technology. Orientation includes any of the basic features available in most of Bowdoin's classrooms.

Request card access and/or keys for an individual or group.

Bowdoin has a large range of software titles available to faculty and staff that can be used for anything from office productivity to research. You can request an installation of a software title from here.

Emergency phones, or blue-light phones, are scattered across campus and are available for use by anyone walking by needing assistance.

Faculty and staff can request a pickup of Bowdoin-issued computer hardware or consumer electronics to be disposed of, recycled or re-issued elsewhere on campus.

The following is just an example of what you can request assistance with:

Report a broken of damaged phone (non-green stripe phones)
Report an issue with Teams Calling
Request a Teams Phone

Information on when and how to ask for AV assistance for an event.

Bowdoin College provides a state of the art wireless network available from in every building and in most outdoor spaces. Access is available for every current faculty, staff and student by authenticating with your Bowdoin username and password on any device. If you are experiencing an issue connecting to wireless or are having other wireless issues, let us know.

Request for service with shared email addresses such as creating a new address, accessing an address, and more.

Submit service requests for the main Bowdoin website.

Request help managing a new system implementation or an IT-related project for your department.

Email is used as a major form of communication in our world today and we often rely heavily on the fact that it should simply work. Unfortunately, email is also a very technical concept and has a lot of moving parts that can cause it to fail. This service request form gives you the opportunity to let us know that you're experiencing an issue with your email so we can quickly direct the request to the right person or group to help resolve the issue quickly.

Request assistance for a non-student laptop or desktop computer.

If you would like to use a 2-step hardware token or have been assigned a 2-Step USB token but it has been lost, stolen or damaged, use this service to request a new one be assigned and configured for you.

Request assistance with multi-factor authentication using Okta

Create a request if you would like to use Zoom in a classroom or computer lab and would like someone to go over the process and any setup that is required.

Requests for accounts other than standard faculty, staff accounts such as contractors or temporary accounts.