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The Student Technology Initiative is a program that provides a standard set of technologies to all students and provides training and other resources to faculty in order to incorporate the technology into their classes, if they choose to.

Each incoming student will receive a new 11" Apple iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil 2 and an Apple Magic Keyboard.

 iPads will be handed out to students when they arrive on campus but before classes being, most likely during Orientation. Details are still being worked out so be on the lookout for messages from IT on when and how to pick up your iPad kit!

The iPad provided to students will come with 4-year AppleCare+ and covers the Apple Pencil and Keyboard provided. This will provide coverage for all hardware issues and accidental damages for 4 years on all three devices. There is a nominal fee required for any repair that would be the responsibility of the student. For more information see the Bowdoin College Student iPad Initiative Technology Usage Agreement
Lost Apple Pencils will not be replaced by the college and are the responsibility of the student. If an Apple Pencil is stolen, we may be able to assist. Visit our knowledge base article for more information. 
iPad chargers and cables are the responsibility of the student. For more information, visit our knowledge base article on the subject.
Yes. The iPad, Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil are yours to keep upon graduation. 

If you leave the college before graduation, the iPad, Magic Keyboard, Apple Pencil and any accessories must be returned to the college within 30 days or the cost of the items will be added to your final bill.

If you need to have your iPad, keyboard or Apple Pencil repaired, you will do this on your own. There is a form you must complete for IT so that the old and new device information can be updated and so that you'll be able to send the device back to Apple. For more information, visit our knowledge base article titled "Broken iPad, Apple Keyboard or Apple Pencil"
Bowdoin pre-loads a few apps to get you started, including a Self Service app. The Self Service app can be used to install other applications that are recommended. However, as these devices are for your personal use, you can download any of the other 1.8 million apps in the Apple App Store as you wish. Be aware: paid apps will be charged to your personal iCloud account and are not the responsibility of the college. For more information on some of the apps available, visit our knowledge base article on the subject.

No. WVU purchased a basic version of the software that only tells us your username, the IP address used and what type of device you are using to authenticate. We see what time you authenticated and logged in, or if your attempt to authenticate failed. We don’t even know what system you’re logging into. We just know whether it worked.

We need to see the IP address that was used to be able to identify situations where someone was trying to gain fraudulent access to a student account. We can tell, for example, if a bad guy trying to log in was in Kentucky while the targeted student was in Morgantown.

We are obligated to protect students’ academic and financial information, and WVU has a privacy policy that was created specifically to respect individual privacy. It limits the collection, access, use, disclosure and storage of personal data. We put this policy in place to protect students’ information, as well as that of employees, the University and third parties with whom we do business. Duo supports that policy and helps protect that data. It does not infringe on privacy. We would never select a vendor or a product that would compromise the personal information of any student or employee.

While you do not need to have an Apple ID, it is highly recommended. Some apps, even those provided by the college, may require one.

NOTE: You must have a US Apple ID and not one from a foreign country. Apps are all tied to the country of the Apple ID holder, which means that an Apple ID from Turkey may not allow you to download apps from the US app store that are not available in Turkey.
We have more information available in a knowledge base article, including instructions on how to create a US Apple ID even if you live outside of the US.

No. No one at Bowdoin, including IT staff, can see any personal data on your iPad unless you choose to share it (either through a remote repair session or other means). Apple makes privacy a number one concern and this extends to the iPads provided, even though they are "managed" by the college.

Each iPad is managed and maintained in a system called Jamf Pro. This system allows IT staff to provide apps to students, assist with certain troubleshooting situations and ensure that the devices are being maintained, updated, and more. While personal data is not accessible, some hardware data is made available to the system for reporting purposes. For more information, visit our Remote Management or MDM knowledge base article.

You can contact the Service Desk in a variety of ways. You can chat with us live during regular business hours by clicking the black and white chat bubble in the lower-right corner of this page. You can chat with our chat bot, BowdoinBot after hours by using the same chat bubble. You can call us at (207) 725-3030, you can enter a request online at or you can email us at


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