Safe Computing and Data Security

Assistance with Duo 2-Step, Report SPAM, Report Account Compromise

Services (5)

Report a Lost, Stolen or Damaged 2-Step Token

If you have been assigned a 2-Step USB token but it has been lost, stolen or damaged, use this service to request a new one be assigned and configured for you.

Request Duo 2-Step Access from Off Campus

Duo 2-step or 2-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security for accessing some Bowdoin services, such as Workday and Webmail, by requiring authorization from the phone, a mobile device or custom hardware device before allowing you to access the service.

Suspected Spam or Phishing Attempt

We receive and block more than 15,000 spam messages a day but we can't block them all. If you receive a message that you would like to alert us to, look here.