Safe Computing and Data Security

Assistance with Duo 2-Step, Report SPAM, Report Account Compromise

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Assistance with 2-Step Authentication for Email

Duo 2-step or 2-factor adds an additional layer of security for accessing Office 365 by requiring authorization from the phone, a mobile device or custom hardware device before allowing access.

Box Folder Permissions

Box is used by some departments in order to work with student employees on departmental materials. You can request access for additional professional staff or request to remove access for professional staff. Student employee access is automatic from HR and access should not be requested through this process.

Report a Lost, Stolen or Damaged 2-Step Token

If you have been assigned a 2-Step USB token but it has been lost, stolen or damaged, use this service to request a new one be assigned and configured for you.

Suspected Spam or Phishing Attempt

We receive and block more than 15,000 spam messages a day but we can't block them all. If you receive a message that you would like to alert us to, look here.