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Creating Video Quizzes in Panopto Video

Ensemble can be used to create video clips and, as this guide will explain, to embed quizzes within videos.

How to restore Panopto videos that have been archived

How to restore a video that has been archived in Panopto

How to Upload and Embed Panopto Videos into Canvas

Bowdoin uses a media hosting platform called Panopto where instructors can store multimedia files. Panopto is integrated with Canvas, making it easier to upload and embed multimedia content stored in Panopto directly to your Canvas course site.

Request Caption Editing for Course Videos

Adding captions to videos used in your class is helpful for all students. It helps those who learn better through reading, those needing to watch videos in noisy environments, or in spaces where sound needs to be turned off.

Zoom cloud recordings can be found in your Panopto media account

When recording a Zoom meeting to the cloud it will be automatically transferred to your Panopto account.