Articles relating to making and receiving telephone calls with Microsoft Teams

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Teams Calling for Call Queues

Information regarding using Microsoft Teams with Call Queues and Auto Attendants.

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Pinned Article Microsoft Teams Calls - Adding the ability to make calls to the Teams collaborative platform.

Teams phones adds another tool to the Teams collaborative toolbox.

Pinned Article Teams Calling Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Teams Calling

Change the macOS default telephone calling app from FaceTime to Teams

Information on how to make Teams the default calling app in macOS.

Changing the default calling app to Microsoft Teams in Windows

Instructions on how to set or reset Windows to use Microsoft Teams as the default phone call application.

Configuring Teams Calling for an office environment.

Configuring Teams Calls to work similarly to how the current Cisco phone system operates in offices.

Enabling Phone Lock on the Poly Phone for Teams

Instructions for setting up the lock on the Poly phone for Teams

How to sign out of a Teams phone

Instructions on how to sign out of a Teams phone device.

Managing Calls While in Class or a Meeting - Availability Settings

This article provides instruction on setting your availability in Teams so meetings and classes don't get interrupted by calls.

Recording a Personal Voice Mail Greeting for Teams Calls

Step by step instructions for recording a personal greeting for your Teams Calls voice mail.

Set Teams quiet hours to hide notifications while at home or away

Having the Teams app on your phone allows you to receive notifications from anywhere, but you may not want to receive them when at home, after work hours. You can turn on "Quiet Hours". Read this article to find out how.

Teams Calling: Call Delegation

How to add a Teams calling delegate.

Teams Calling: Call Forwarding and Also Ring

How to setup call forwarding and also ring on the Teams phone.

Teams Phones: Voice mail settings

How to access your voicemail in the Teams app on the computer, the Teams app on a smart phone and the Teams physical phone.

Teams Physical Phone First Time Setup

This article covers the first time setup of the Polycom phone used for Teams Calling.

Transferring Calls Using the Parked Call Feature - Work Around for Transfer Issue on Common Area Phones

A recent software change has removed the ability for Common Area phones (those not tied to a specific user) to transfer incoming calls to another extension. In order to get the call to the appropriate extension we have to use the Parked Call feature in Teams. Parking the call creates a code that the intended recipient of the call can use to access the call.

Using Speed Dial Settings in Teams Calls to View Contact Availability or Presence

Using the Speed dial list in Teams Calls is a quick way to check on the availability/ presence of other Bowdoin community members.