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Pinned Article OneDrive for Work and School

Need to save or share files or documents? OneDrive for Business is a secure and reliable solution for all of your storage and sharing needs!

Pinned Article Uploading Documents to OneDrive

This article describes methods for uploading and syncing files and folders with OneDrive.

Pinned Article Video Training Resources: OneDrive for Work or School

A collection of OneDrive for Work or School videos and how-to article links from Microsoft.

How to turn off folder redirect in Microsoft OneDrive on macOS

Information on how to disable folder redirect in Microsoft OneDrive on macOS and download the OneDrive content to the laptop.

OneDrive for Business Limitations

There are a number of file name, file count and path length restrictions when using OneDrive for Business. This article points to the most up to date information from Microsoft.

OneDrive Sync Error

Information on what might cause some files or folders to not sync correctly with OneDrive.

Request Files with Microsoft OneDrive

With the OneDrive File Request Feature, you can  collect and receive files from anyone, right in to the folder you choose in OneDrive.