Safe Computing and Data Security

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Pinned Article Equifax Breach and Information Security

Learn more about the breach and what to do if you think your personal information was impacted.

CrowdStrike Cloud-Delivered Endpoint Protection

Cloud based computer protection against Malware and Viruses that adds an extra layer to our existing Antivirus protection

Office 365 Email Protection

Office 365 offers Bowdoin two sets of tools that work in conjunction to protect your mailbox and the entire Bowdoin community from the constantly evolving phishing attacks and malware targeting campus.

Phish Tank

You can find text and screenshots of the latest phishing scams going around campus. Be sure to favorite this page so you can refer back to it quickly!

Windows Defender: Anti-virus

Windows Defender: Anti-virus has replaced Symantec Endpoint Protection as Bowdoin College's preferred anti-virus solution. It is light-weight, powerful and has all of the features you can expect in a well-rounded anti-virus application.