Okta provides Bowdoin's single sign-on login experience for a variety of Bowdoin applications and services. It also brings the ability to perform self-service password reset and an application portal for a one-stop login experience to many of the most commonly used applications.

Articles (11)

Pinned Article Enrolling in Okta Verify for new accounts

Information on how to enroll a new Bowdoin account in Okta Verify, Bowdoin's Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) service.

Pinned Article Switching to Okta Verify from Duo for Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Information and walkthrough on how to enroll in Okta Verify. This article assumes that customers are already enrolled in Duo multi-factor authentication.

Adding a security key (yubikey) to a Bowdoin account in Okta

Information on how to enroll a YubiKey hardware token in Okta as an additional security factor.

Adding additional information in your account with Okta

Information on how to add additional information, such as a secondary email address, to your Okta profile.

Adding biometric (Touch ID, Face ID) security access for your Bowdoin account

How to add biometric authentication to your Bowdoin account in Okta as an additional/optional "factor".

Restoring Okta Verify to the same device

Information about restoring Okta Verify on the same mobile device.

Set Up Okta Verify Without Scanning a QR code

Information on how to setup Okta Verify without using the QR code provided such as in the case of an inability to use the camera on your mobile device.

Setup Okta Verify on a new device

Information on how to add Okta Verify to a new device after already being enrolled before.

Unable to log in to Apple's Mail app with 2-step autentication

Unable to log in to Apple's Mail app. The app won't take a username or password.

Using Okta Verify for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

How to use Okta Verify push notifications or passcode feature for multi-factor authentication