Microsoft Teams Calls - Adding the ability to make calls to the Teams collaborative platform.

Microsoft Teams Calls

With Teams calling, you can make and receive calls through the Teams app on your computer, smart phone or a Teams phone. Once Teams calling has been enabled for your account, you can use the Teams app to make and receive calls. There are also physical Teams phones available for use should you prefer to have a separate phone. Below are related articles with step by step guides to accomplishing specific Teams calling tasks no matter what platform you are using to make the call (computer, smart phone, Teams phone).

How-to Guides to Teams Calls


Teams Physical Phone First Time Setup

Enabling the Phone Lock on the Poly Phone for Teams

Using Teams Calls

Making Calls (Including International Calls)

Working with Calls: Mute, Transfer and Hold functions

Settings: Call Answering

Managing Teams Calls Notifications/Ring - Availability Settings

Call Delegation

Call Forwarding and Also Ring

Using Speed Dial Settings to View User Availability/ Presence

Managing Call Groups in Teams Calling

Settings: Notifications and Rings

Configuring Teams Calls in an office environment

Set Teams quiet hours to hide notifications while at home or away

Voice Mail

Voice Mail Settings

Access Voice Mails Left on a Shared/Dept Line

Recording a Voice Mail Greeting in Teams

Changing the Voice Mail Greeting for a Dept. or Shared Teams Calling Line

Parking Calls

Using Parked Calls to Transfer Calls from Common Area Phone










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