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Access personal calendar from a mobile device

How to setup your Bowdoin calendar on your mobile device.

Add folder to network scanner (MFU device)

Also known as "Reverse Print", some network printers have the ability to allow scanned documents be sent to a network folder location rather than simply making a photocopy. View this service for more information.

Application Access

Request or remove access to many applications.
Note: Some applications have their own request processes and may not be available from this service

Application Security Manager (ASM)

Assistance accessing OneDrive

Assistance using Confluence

Creating or Editing general department Information Dumps as well as Standard Operating Procedures for daily and non-standard tasks.

Assistance with 2-Step Authentication for Email

Duo 2-step or 2-factor adds an additional layer of security for accessing Office 365 by requiring authorization from the phone, a mobile device or custom hardware device before allowing access.



Blackboard is a web-based tool which students and faculty use to share educational resources with each other. Use the form on this page to request a new feature or to report a software bug.

Border Firewall Exception Request

Request to make an exception in Bowdoin's Border network firewall

Bowdoin Website Request

Submit service requests for the main Bowdoin website.

BOWDOIN Wireless Network

Bowdoin College provides a state of the art wireless network available from in every building and in most outdoor spaces. Access is available for every current faculty, staff and student by authenticating with your Bowdoin username and password on any device. If you are experiencing an issue connecting to wireless or are having other wireless issues, let us know.

BOWDOIN-GUEST Wireless Network

Broken iPad, Apple Keyboard or Apple Pencil

If you have contacted Apple Care for a replacement iPad/Pencil/Keyboard or need help with a broken item.


Can't find what you're looking for?

Can't find what you're looking for? Click use this service to create a ticket.

Canvas / Blackboard Requests

Requests for Canvas or Blackboard

Classroom Evening Sweeps

Every night during a semester, students employeed by Information Technology fan out across campus to test and verify that the computers and AV technology in each clsasroom and public lab are working correctly. If not, this form can be used to report an issue.

Classroom or Computer Lab Request

Use this service to request iPad apps for class, install applications on classroom computers, report a classroom issue and more.

CMS Access and Training

Training is required for CMS access. Learn more about signing up.

Computer Hardware Quote

Computer not working

Computer Software Quote

Configure MFU to Scan to Email

Most multi-function printers (MFUs) on campus are capable of scanning to an email address. This service request asks IT staff to configure a printer for this feature.

Configure MFU to Secure Scan to Box

Information Technology has enabled a secure Scan to Box feature on the multi-function Ricoh printer/scanners on campus. Student employees and staff need to use this function in order to scan to a SCAN folder in the department's BOX folder.

Course Folders

Request the creation of a Course folder for use in the current academic semester. All course folders are removed at the conclusion of a semester to make room for the next semester's requests.

Create a new Mailman list

Mailman email lists are lists made up of a mix of Bowdoin email addresses and those outside of the college. They can be used for a variety of situations and purposes. This form walks you through the steps to request a new list.

Create a new Microsoft 365 distribution group

A distribution list can be used to send e-mail messages to multiple people at once by sending mail to a single e-mail address. This form will allow you to request a distribution group that contains only addresses.


Delete or Remove a Distribution List

Removal of an established Exchange distribution group or Mailman list.

Digital Accessibility Request

Digital accessibility is the process of making digital products, such as websites, mobile apps, and other online tools, accessible to everyone. It is about ensuring all users can access the same information, regardless of ability.


Emergency Phones

Emergency phones, or blue-light phones, are scattered across campus and are available for use by anyone walking by needing assistance.

Equipment Leaving Campus Notification

If you plan on bringing a monitor, desktop computer or other non-portable equipment home, please fill out this form.


Faculty and Staff Personal Technology Requests (no CAP or Classroom Hardware Requests)

Faculty and staff may make smaller technology requests for office or home use. Classroom requests should use the "Classroom or Computer Lab Request" service and form. All other requests must use the CAP request form.

Faculty Profile Request

Request changes to your faculty profile.

Faculty, Staff, and Student Accounts

Requests related to Bowdoin faculty, staff, and student person accounts.


General OneCard Request

Use this form to request help from the OneCard office

Green-stripe phones

Green-stripe phones are analogue telephones located in multiple locations in each building that are designed to function in the case of a network outage or power failure. Green stripe phones are not the same as emergency, blue-light phones.


Hardware Upgrades

The IT department team is available to help departments with the purchasing of physical hardware.


Install Application or Software

Bowdoin has a large range of software titles available to faculty and staff that can be used for anything from office productivity to research. You can request an installation of a software title from here.

Instructions on accessing HPC resources


Laptop isn't working in the docking station

Laptop Request for Remote Teaching or Work

Request a computer to be able to work from home. Requests will be prioritized starting with teaching and learning.

Loaning Center Equipment Request

Request to borrow computer technology (computer, iPad, digital projector) for the IT Loaning Center through this service.


Network File and Folder Permissions

Requests related to network files or folders

Network Printers


Office Technology Moves

Office technology moves are quite common across campus, especially at the end of each semester. Learn more about the services offered and request workstation setup from here. Please note that a work order to Facilities Management must be placed to physically move your equipment from one office to another.

Office Telephones or IP Phones

The following is just an example of what you can request assistance with:

Report a broken of damaged phone (non-green stripe phones)
Request to become an early adopter for Teams Calling

Other Bowdoin Account Types

Requests for accounts other than standard faculty, staff accounts such as contractors or temporary accounts.


Personal Computer Purchase Consultation

Faculty and staff wishing to make a personal purchase using the mployee loan program may request a consultation on the hardware to be purchased.

Pickup hardware for recycling or disposal

Faculty and staff can request a pickup of Bowdoin-issued computer hardware or consumer electronics to be disposed of, recycled or re-issued elsewhere on campus.


PolarPrint is Bowdoin's public printing system. All available service offerings available for PolarPrint can be found on this page.

PolarPrint Printing Issue

Print job not displaying on release station

Propose a new IT project

Request help managing a new system implementation or an IT-related project for your department.

Provide Card Access and/or Keys

Request card access and/or keys for an individual or group.


Recover a file or folder from a backup on the network

Reload Department Dining Card

Request a reload of a department dining card

Remove access to VPN

Remove Card Access

Use this request form to specify an end to previously-authorized card access.

Report a Bad or Broken Network Port

Let IT know if you have a bad or broken network port in your residence or office.

Report a Classroom Technology Issue

Request service for issues relating to any classroom and/or AV technology in a classroom. This can include the computer, projectors, audio issues, bluray players, etc.

Report an issue with a personal calendar

Report an issue with email

Email is used as a major form of communication in our world today and we often rely heavily on the fact that it should simply work. Unfortunately, email is also a very technical concept and has a lot of moving parts that can cause it to fail. This service request form gives you the opportunity to let us know that you're experiencing an issue with your email so we can quickly direct the request to the right person or group to help resolve the issue quickly.

Report poor wireless signal strength

Report Wireless Issue

Wireless access to the Bowdoin network is provided in most locations across campus. Report any problems accessing the wireless network, including wireless coverage issues, poor performance or network drops.

Request a consult for using Zoom for a class or in a classroom or computer lab

Create a request if you would like to use Zoom in a classroom or computer lab and would like someone to go over the process and any setup that is required.

Request a new Confluence Space

Groups can set up a Confluence space as a landing page to share information about their department.

Request a new research folder

Request a new token or Report a Lost, Stolen or Damaged Token

If you would like to use a 2-step hardware token or have been assigned a 2-Step USB token but it has been lost, stolen or damaged, use this service to request a new one be assigned and configured for you.

Request a Zoom license

Request a Zoom tutorial

Request a Zoom Webinar License

Request the purchase of a Zoom webinar license.

Request access for Adobe licenses

The College's current license agreements provide for faculty, administrative staff and students to download and install all Adobe products on Bowdoin-issued computers, personal computers or iPad OS.

Request access to a department folder or sub-folder

Request access to shared calendar

Request access to a shared calendar.

Request access to shared email account

Request Access to VPN

VPN access may be available to faculty, staff, students and some research assistants. If you would like to request access, use the form attached to this service.

Request Additional Printing Allocation

Students can use this form to request additional free prints.

Request an InSpace Host License

Faculty may request an InSpace host license. Due to a limited number of licenses, requests may be completed based on class requirements.

Request AV Assistance for an event

Please Note:
A minimum of a 2-week lead-time is required for all events and assistance is only available on a first-come, first-serve basis with classes taking priority.
- For IP conference phones, please submit a workorder via the IT Service Desk
- Furniture and lecterns can be requested through Campus Scheduling
- AV Services does not supply equipment for bands

Request Box Folder Permissions

Box is used by some departments in order to work with student employees on departmental materials. Department employee who need to be able to share folders and invite collaborators in Box need to request co-owner access to their department's Box folder. Student employee access is automatic from HR and access should not be requested through this process.

Request Computer Peripheral

Request Conference Phone

Request Department or Organization access in CampusGroups

Request Druva License

Request enrollment to an IT pilot program

When Information Technology is working on new projects, they often provide pilot software, applications or programs in order to test how the software or services might perform. From time to time IT may request that people work with them in order to do some real-world testing. This form will act as your request to have an opportunity to work on a specific pilot program with IT.

Request GraphPad Prism for Personal Use

GraphPad Prism is no longer available for campus-wide use. A small number of licenses are available. You can make a request for a license key using this request form.

Request help with Bowdoin iPad or iPad Accessory

If you are having issues with your Bowdoin iPad, use this service and request form to ask for help.

Request IT Dig Safe Marking

Notify Network Operations to perform "dig safe" discovery and marking of network utilities before construction or digging begins.

Request new room calendar

How to request a new room calendar.

Request New Shared Calendar

Request New Software for Classroom or Computer Lab Use

Request Orientation on Classroom or Lab AV Technology

Request orientation on Bowdoin's classroom AV technology. Orientation includes any of the basic features available in most of Bowdoin's classrooms.

Request Permissions to a Research Folder

Request Remote Work Training

Due to COVID-19, all Bowdoin staff have been asked to work remotely. IT is offering training sessions to assist learning some of the technologies available to work better or more efficiently away from campus.

Request replacement peripheral (keyboard, mouse, etc.)

The Service Desk is able to replace broken or damaged peripherals or work with you to purchase new peripherals to replace broken items purchased by a department in the past.

Request software for a computer lab(s)

Request Training

IT trainers can work with you to create customized classes for an entire department or can schedule time to meet for one-on-one training.

Request Virtual Workstation

Return to Campus IT Office Assistance

Request an appointment for assistance with your computer or other technologies when returning to campus.


Setup Time Machine for MacOS

Student Placements Application

Web application where faculty members enter student placement exam scores for loading into Banner.

Student Technology Requests for Spring 2021

Students may request some hardware from the college in order to assist with taking classes online for the spring of 2021. Open this page for more details.


Trouble logging in to Polaris

Trouble logging in to Xfinity on Campus

Xfinity on Campus or XoC is a service which allows students the ability to stream live TV to laptops, desktops, mobile devices and Roku devices. If you are experiencing issues logging in to Xfinity on Campus, use this form to let us know.


Unable to connect to VPN


Zoom Kit Support Request

Request support for the Personal Zoom Kits supplied for the spring of 2021